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We now offer WEB SITE DESIGN and HOSTING!!!

So have you ever had your web guy disappear and have your clients call you and tell you that your site was down?  Well we did too, and thats why we now offer web sites designed and setup to keep you as the main contact and not the webmaster.  It makes no sense to hold a domain or web site up for hostage.  If you don't like our services you can go elsewhere, so what do you have to lose?


Besides having the ability to design and create KILLER graphics, we also offer our digital photography / video service.  Whether you are an athlete needing a highlight reel for potential colleges or a company needing a corporate video, please contact us to see what we can offer.  As you already know, when it comes to video production and anything graphic, you have come to the right place. 


If your vehicle isn't lettered then you are missing tons of business.  Every job site that you visit or store you go to, has potential customers and by having your contact info on your vehicle is the best advertising hands downs.  For those of you that sub contract, we can create removeable graphics, so your contractor won't freak out at his job site.  Boats are our specialty and we have been known to letter vessels in the middle of the bay to bypass stingy marina owners.


Lapel pins, patches, membership cards, glass awards and tee shirts are only some of our business solutions.  Hell, we already created your artwork or are fixing it up anyway, so now is the time to produce all of those marketing items that you have neglected in the past.  Plus we create everything in VECTOR!


Lawn signs, carved signs, plexi and gold leaf, whatever the need or requirement (by the village or town gov't) we know what is takes to build long lasting beautiful signs.  Check out some of our work in the portfolio section or call us to meet up and give you ideas of how we can serve your signage needs.


Don't get fooled into going to vista print, please. At KILLER GRAFX we will give your more than competitve pricing for 16pt. 4 color business cards on UV stock.  Plus we do all the work and deliver a beautiful product.


When you begin to plan your special event or fund raiser, remember to call KILLER GRAFX first.  We can design, print and mail your projects out to all of your guest using your excel  file.  Time is money and it makes no sense for you to travel all over the globe, when we can handle the project.

Michael Tessitore started out working in the television industry and moved up the ranks from a intern - production assistant - camera operator and eventually landing a gig as a video editor for Inside Edition.  While having a love for news media and press work, after the events of 9-11, Michael decided to pursue a part time career in law enforcement on the east end of LI.  KILLER GRAFX was started at the same time and quickly became popular with private sector professionals looking to update their company's look, as well as local Police departments searching for new designs for their police vehicles. 

This country needs leaders, but also needs people that are willing to put themselves on the line for their country and neighbors.  That's why KILLER GRAFX gives discounts to all law enforcement personnel and our men and women of the military. 

KILLER GRAFX is a full service design company, with its roots embedded into the new media market place, giving your small business a place to go for all of your marketing and advertising needs.  We give you the "mom & pop" service while providing you with all the tools of todays technology.

We are "BRANDING" specialists and can provide your business wth the tools necessary to increase your client base and make sure that the money you spend in advertising is not being wasted by having a look the goes unnoticed.  An ugly logo or cheap design will never get your foot in the door of potential clients, so come and sit down with us and explore your options.

We look forward to making you look marvellous. 

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